Moomin - Snorkmaiden S

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A soft toy from the Moomin stuffed toy selection, height 15 cm.


Snorkmaiden’s trademarks are her neatly kept fringe and the golden anklet. She is Moomintroll’s best friend and together they enjoy both the ordinary days in Moominvalley – if any – and the thrilling adventures that often find their way. Snorkmaiden is an important part of the Moomin family but being a Snork rather than a Moomin, she looks somewhat different from the other family members. Snorkmaiden loves dreaming – but then again, who wouldn’t?

This Moomin plushie stands upright and measures 15 cm tall. Take a look at the other familiar Moomin characters in their cuddly plush toy format or the lovely Snorkmaiden in other sizes.