Moomin - Moomin house Lunch Box

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A charmingly colorful, joyful and convenient lunch box shaped as the well-known Moominhouse. The box features two easily removable compartments to organize all the good stuff in. Perfect for trips, car rides, daycare or school!

The Moominhouse has many floors, windows and delightful residents. In this charming lunch box we can see Moominmamma and Moominpappa gently hugging each other in front of the porch, while Stinky and Fillyjonk are observing the situation. On the second floor Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden have just jumped down on the ground – and perhaps Snufkin and Sniff will join them on this exciting adventure! Who knows? Even Little My looks amused, watching all this craziness happen. There’s never a dull moment in the Moominhouse!

A cheerful and lively lunch box for children, shaped as a small Moominhouse. The lunch box has a blue base color, decorated with and illustration of the lovely residents of the Moominhouse – all doing their own thing. The lunch box features a convenient locking-lid, which is easy to close. There are two completely separate, removable small compartments Inside the box to organize all delicious snacks and sweets in. For a larger size snack, simply remove the small compartments for extra space. The lunch box is made of PP and ABS plastic, making it safe to use for children. A delightful gift idea for all Moomin fans!