Moomin - Climbing Tree Bottle blue

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A convenient drinking bottle made of glass, featuring a grey silicone cover with an adorable and colourful Moomin illustration. The bottle is made of durable borosilicate glass, and it can be filled with both warm and cold beverages. The sweet bottle also has a short strap to hold and carry the bottle. For Moominous moments!

Oh what a wonderfully inviting climbing tree! The tree trunk meanders invitingly and its flowers have just blossomed into beautiful colors. Moomintroll, Little My, Snufkin and Snorkmaiden have climbed high up the tree to watch and observe the stunning views of Moominvalley. Even Primadonna’s horse has arrived to the spot to taste the colorful flowers. A joyful day well spent!

The bottle is made of durable and sturdy borosilicate glass, which endures both cold and warm beverages. The glass bottle is protected with a grey silicone cover featuring a hilarious illustration of Moomintroll, Little My, Snorkmaiden and Snufking – all climbed up the tree. The bottle has a cap made of steel with a handy short strap to hold and carry the bottle.

The drinking bottle is convenient in size and easy to carry around during the hectic day. To joyful, Moominous moments!